About Our Company

We Have 25 Years of Experience in Home Remodeling and The Construction Business.

Perspective Contracting, LLC a general contracting firm provides service in renovation and remodeling of kitchen, bathrooms, basements, attics as well as masonry, carpentry and painting works. We also offer a full range of residential and commercial building, all phases of construction from the foundation to finish carpentry/cabinetry and paint and restoration work. We value and pride ourselves on high levels of personal communication and detail-oriented craftsmanship at a reasonable investment.

Our Philosophy

We believe in giving each project an unparalleled amount of attention to detail.

We at Perspective Contracting maintain a high level of communication during the design process. This enables us to clearly formulate our mutual ideas into concrete forms. Our main goal is to give our clients as much information and quality time as possible during the invited and following consultations. This, we believe, takes away much of the mystery and more quickly helps the final design manifest.

About Our Company

Our Leadership.


Have some Questions?

There are too many variables to say. The cost depends on the space, materials, customization, building regulations, etc.

We accepts cash, checks and money orders.

Absolutely. We encourage you to visit our testimonials page. You may also want to check third party review sites like Google, Yelp, Houzz, etc.

Our in-home construction and design consultation is FREE.

About 30 minutes to an hour. We see your space, learn what you want and need, then suggest some solutions.

No. We are a full-service renovation firm.

Yes, but why should you? We know how to get these permits. It’s part of our full service, managing the entire project for you from start to finish.

Absolutely. Our in-house designers enjoy collaborating with other designers/decorators. It ensures that the client’s vision becomes reality.

Absolutely. All our insurances and licenses to work in New Jersey are always up to date. We would be happy to give you copies.

Yes. We take care of all aspects of the renovation. Plumbing and electrical is part of our being one-stop shop.